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Ice Compression Machine

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DIY brings you advanced and affordable technology for recovery after injury or surgery. This recovery system combines the benefit of intermittent compression and cold therapy to enhance lymphatic function, encourage blood flow and to help stimulate tissue repair. 

Intermittent Compression 

Intermittent Compression mimics natural muscle contractions to get swelling away from the injured area, helping to encourage oxygenated blood flow with deeper penetrating of coldness. 

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy reduces inflammation and swelling, decreases muscle spasms, decreases metabolic demand and can help relieve pain without narcotics. 

Easy to Use 

Simply press the power-on button to start the treatment. Temperature and treatment mode will show on the screen for a better control of treatment process. 

Flexible Treatment

Preset 9 menus of pressure and time, from high to low and 20 minutes to 60 minutes. It is flexible for you on treatment to achieve the best care for you.

On the go solution 

The system can be entirely battery operated to ensure you don’t have to be within range of a power plug. 

4 Wraps for your Option 

It comes with a range of wrap types to fit different body parts, including shoulder, knee, ankle and quad/hamstring. (If you need a specific attachment please get in touch as we can order additional ones for specific needs including back, wrist, full leg, universal)

Whats in the bundle? 

  • Ice Compression Machine 
  • AC Adaptor
  • Hose
  • Powerbank
  • Battery Case
  • Carry bag (small enough to be carried onto a plane)
  • Drain gadget
  • Attachments (Knee, Shoulder, Ankle and Quad/Hamstring)